about Financial Sobriety

About Financial Sobriety
Behind the Madness

Simplifying complexity to get unstuck

Financial Sobriety is the path and mindset created by Matthew Grishman and Jim Gebhardt to help people discover how to create and protect True Wealth. It is a journey toward creating more connection and intention within three complicated human relationships: money, people, and self.

When one relationship encounters struggle, it can have a painful impact on the other two.  But when these three relationships are healthy, connected, and supported by intentional choices based on core personal values, true wealth becomes abundantly available to anyone who wants it.

Meet the Guys
Financial Advisor, Wealth Management,
Matthew Grishman
Author and Recovering Spendaholic
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Jim Gebhardt, CFP®
Chief Trust Officer
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a press release
Press Release
  • You will gain complete clarity on the people, places and experiences that create energy for you and bring you great joy in life.
  • You will feel a real sense of confidence when it comes to getting your entire financial house in order.
  • You will develop a renewed level of capability in yourself by learning how to forgive, accept, and believe in the person looking back at you in the mirror.